Neenah Creek Sculpture

...Artistry in Wood

Wood Sculpture
Nerissa Eichinger

Exploring possibilities in Sculpture with wood.

Neenah Creek runs behind the old farm in Central Wisconsin where Nerissa first seriously studied how to carve.

Nerissa Eichinger started out as a visual artist with a career in Scenic Arts for major Theatrical and TV productions that lead to specializing in large foam sculpture for sets. This ignited a passion in the 3D Arts and ultimately creating sculptures out of wood, using various tools like chainsaws, grinders and chisels.

With a degree in Studio Arts from UW-Milwaukee, where Nerissa also became an instructor in Stagecraft and Scenic Painting for the Peck School of the Arts Theater Department, finding ways to incorporate the full spectrum of tools and materials to create sculptural pieces is a passion of hers. 

This has lead her to explore many avenues in the realm of 3-D and sculpture, originating in foam, then fiberglass, to concrete, clay and mold making, and is currently focusing on specializing in wood carving. 



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